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Why Hello Again!

2016-03-07 23:20:10 by EATIncorporated

WOW has it been a while!!

I've been getting into the various platforms of media sharing as of late (Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) so it's about time I got back around to where a lot of it started.

Newgrounds helped me build up some of my artistic confidence, I think, but it also has brought me some amazing and inspiring content that has helped shape how I operate as an artist. I wish I could say I've kept up with it more consistently than I have but I'm hoping to get involved again! The biggest problem for me has been that some of my previous projects were nigh impossible to upload because my projects somehow always end up gigabyte-sized...

*le sigh*

Anyways, it's good to be back; I won't promise anything but I do hope to bring you guys some new and improved stuff!




It's official!!! (Actually, it's been official for a while, now, but it deserves a reiteration).

Our team for the Power of Four is officially registered as Team Lemon4de!

Because nothing goes better with a nice, hot summer than games and lemon4de, right?

So sit back, put your feet up, and stay posted for game development news, sketches, and more!

For now, a little practice in walkcycles while you wait.


2014, and I'm All 4 It!

2014-06-17 22:37:49 by EATIncorporated

2014, huh? To think it's been a year, a whole YEAR, since I've actively participated on Newgrounds!

I'm not proud of it. I would've liked to possess my style at an earlier stage. I'm still working through it, evolving, adapting. And I don't think it's a bad thing; though I may be later to the game than others, I know that I still have a lot to learn and, well, that's okay. :)

Because I'm surrounded by such awesome Newgrounds users! And excited to say that I will be collaborating with some of said users to participate in the Power of Four; AWESOME.

So to all of the teams participating, best of luck! I know that "winning" is probably on everybody's mind, but I'm still mostly excited for the experience itself. Can't wait to see what we come out with!

I'll keep you updated, on our progress and particularly when we officialize our team (VERY soon), but until then, stay fantastic! Allons-y!





2013-07-01 16:37:03 by EATIncorporated

So I finished the animation, "Dum Spiro, Spero!"
And uh, well, it's good. Pretty good.
And, um....I can't upload it.
I would if I could!! But the best quality I could fit onto Newgrounds would be a grainy, smudgy mess, and I don't think that represents Newgrounds--or me--very well.
So the soonest chance I get to export it in a better and smaller quality version, I will!
But for now, It's pretty much just art.
And more art.
And moooooooore art.

Gears Turning on a New Project!

2012-12-26 13:47:19 by EATIncorporated

So I'm working on a new animation inspired by "Radioactive", by Imagine Dragons.
Due to copyright issues, I'll probably have to find a new song for it, but I believe it's going to end up as an apocalyptic music video about a robot who pieces himself back together.
So far, it's really cool!!! I'm trying to stay motivated so i can actually finish it...*cough* erm...
BUT, hopefully it's awesomeness will make it easy to work on!
Hope you are enjoying your holidays, Newgrounds users! And if you know of any good, copyright-free, apocalyptic songs, comment and let me know! (It would be awesome to use something from a Newgrounds artist!)


*Edit: Songs no longer needed, but they'd still be cool to hear! I'm trying the "retrospective music box" vibe, I think that'll help to portray the apocalypse feel and the remembrance of the past.

Gears Turning on a New Project!

Artsy Time of Year!

2012-12-01 14:02:42 by EATIncorporated

It's that time of year again! Where miniscule salaries make for homemade Christmas gifts, and even more importantly, creative holiday cards. I'm going to get pretty busy, art-wise, but I wanted to leave you with this (see below) since I haven't been present for a while. A group photo, of some of my more recent characters! From left to right: Goldey (the tiger), Red Primary, SIS7, Blue Primary, William, Yellow Primary, Byra, and The Air Handler. Happy holidays, everyone!

Artsy Time of Year!

So I am still animating! But, because my other animations are so big, i may never be motivated enough to squeeze them into here. BUT, if i get the chance, i'll totally put up any new animations i happen to finish.
In the meantime, getting in practice with the tablet and photoshop! Which means trying out new styles, and lots of photoshop doodling.

Still animating, but...DRAWING

It's been a while!

2012-05-17 17:53:46 by EATIncorporated

Another Film Fest come and gone; really glad I can easily get my films out this year! The first one, Counting Sheep, is up and running (sadly, the replay button did not survive. Freak coding glitch? It just didn't feel like working? I have no clue). I'm hoping to get Restoration (a theater PSA) up as well; still trying to find a style and improve my process while being efficient.
Quick, but effective.
Now I just have to, say, stop procrastinating?

A new animation...! But still not the one i want to post. However, it was a cool practice with fuller body figures. Er, just one figure. And he's not really doing much...

It is DONE!
The animation is finally done and, after much help from a variety of people, including Pepper and Zackie for some awesome sound packs from, i can proudly say that the only thing i would change is my "meanwhile" scene; a bit too long on the blank screen. Otherwise, considering school restraints, etc., i'm happy with the result.
I'll see if i can turn it into a format that isn't 2.54 GB so i can turn it in for Newgrounds viewing, so stay in tune for that! Hopefully this animation will work out in one of the festivals i submitted it too, best hopes for some form of recognition! (Or a handshake, whatever)