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Why Hello Again!

2016-03-07 23:20:10 by EATIncorporated

WOW has it been a while!!

I've been getting into the various platforms of media sharing as of late (Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) so it's about time I got back around to where a lot of it started.

Newgrounds helped me build up some of my artistic confidence, I think, but it also has brought me some amazing and inspiring content that has helped shape how I operate as an artist. I wish I could say I've kept up with it more consistently than I have but I'm hoping to get involved again! The biggest problem for me has been that some of my previous projects were nigh impossible to upload because my projects somehow always end up gigabyte-sized...

*le sigh*

Anyways, it's good to be back; I won't promise anything but I do hope to bring you guys some new and improved stuff!





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2016-03-08 01:54:37

Welcome back, though I'm not sure newgrounds can compete with tumblr/other platforms if you are trying to get yourself out there..

EATIncorporated responds:

Good point, BUT I've also seen a lot more stuff from Newgrounds recently via those sites! I've also seen my favorite YouTubers playing a Newgrounds game, so Newgrounds definitely has its own sort of reach.
It's also really refreshing to have a site that isn't hooked up to my phone notifications; I have to make a conscious effort to remember to post new content and that's a really nice change of pace~