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A College Student A College Student

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I agree with LexaHergon, this comes across even stronger because it doesn't have words getting in the way (but we still get the message, and with some wiggle room for personal interpretations).
I had no expectations going into this and what I got out of it was something that I've felt and understood but haven't talked about much. In my environment it isn't uncommon for people to be taking medication for their problems so it almost works as a stimulus for doubt? Like, if most people you're surrounded by are on meds just to enjoy healthy lives, when you're feeling down or in a rut who's to say you don't need treatment too? It becomes hard to tell what is passing emotion and what is actually a chronic condition.
So I can really understand that denial of needing help or having something wrong with you.
This animation just felt..very real.

Ericsorcism Ericsorcism

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really great shots in here! Favorite parts were Ryan throwing Eric's stuff out the window, the vacuum scene, Ryan going up the stairs, and the credits really successfully set the tone! My biggest critique is that some of the cuts could be quicker; usually people have a problem because they don't leave enough time for actions to register but you leave more than enough time for that. If some of the cuts were quicker it would make the comedy come across even stronger (and with all of the awesome voices and gags you've got going you can definitely take advantage of that). Awesome dialogue too, and I could keep listing even more specific points that I loved but overall great job!

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Eddsworld - The End Eddsworld - The End

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I happened across this by chance and I'm really glad I did.
I agree with Mealguien on how this reflects the complex emotions one has towards one's creation and where to draw the line and call out "the end". It was extremely satisfying that is not only had the humor that Eddsworld has always expressed, but in Tord's final exit it was also a tad somber, and the contrast of that was really great. Tom being in the spotlight was especially fun; I love his sense of humor and was excited to get more of it! Overall this was really fantastic, and it's equally inspiring to see the long list of collaborators (and amongst them some of my other favorite Newgrounds animators, no less!) Really, REALLY great work.

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Let's Make Some "Soup" Let's Make Some "Soup"

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Wow...a pretty unique concept, albeit kinda grim... @-@
Some parts seemed better animated than others (I really liked the animation of the carrots going into the pot), but maybe that was just my imagination.
I actually liked the way you portrayed your character! I guess on purpose, since carrots (carrot people?) probably don't wear clothes, but still very effective with the animation.
I think I liked the ending the most, though; abrupt without feeling, well, abrupt. If that makes sense.
So while there could always be improvement, pretty good! I'd like to see more from where that came from.

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ChadsWeb responds:

Yes, some parts are probably more rushed than others. About half of this was pushed out 2 days before a deadline, not that I'm trying to make excuses. There's always more to come, of course! Thanks for the review!

Super Hero Clock Ep1 p1 Super Hero Clock Ep1 p1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

My first impression? Well. the style IS a bit reminiscent of "standard anime-style animations". So I wasn't expecting something so smooth and refreshing as this turned out to be!
Even with the simple character illustrations, it still has a great energy. And great voice acting, as well!
As well as really good use of expressions.
My only pet peeve was the visible difference between the 3D and 2D elements. It would've been really awesome if the backgrounds and items were entirely hand drawn as well! But I understand that using 3D elements would cut down on a lot of time and make it possible to get episodes out as quickly as possible.
Can't wait for episode 2!

The Dojo Collab The Dojo Collab

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow; some serious competition entering the arena of animation host sites! And most assuredly one of quality and creativity. :)
As for the collab, I agree with FightingSeraph. I hate to pick favorites, but this collaboration's concept is so unique and well executed, that it deserves respect.
I mean, how many other "building collabs" are there? I haven't seen one, so this seems like a first.
The sound effect usage was superb, as well as the soundtracks. And there were many different animated methods of adding a piece (not just "appearing, dropping it off, disappearing"), so that was nice.
Overall, the simplicity of it makes it extremely intriguing. The background song is unassuming but adds the right touch. The ending merges perfectly into the final scene with the website url; I'm sure this has increased traffic a bit. :D And my favorite is the Dojo logo; both in the beginning and end, it incorporates unique transitions and isn't overly fancy.
So awesome, I'll add Hyun's Dojo to my Watch list! Amazing.

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ISAC : The Run Collab ISAC : The Run Collab

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Awesome! Great song choice, and a lot of good stick figure animating.
Perfect? Well there were still some sticks that could've been a bit smoother, but you certainly get points for a successful collaboration and pretty good blending of the the stick submissions!
And at the moment, I think anything with maneuver gear gets special attention. ;)
BUT, still good in its own right; keep it up!

Stickmaniaz responds:

Thank you :), I really Appreciate it ! I will do it more better than this :D

Reb's Best Anim Ever Reb's Best Anim Ever

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Very short...and I actually did like the animation of the girls! And the driver! That was pretty good, and if this was a bit longer or it had more of a plot to it, it would've been exponentially better.
But the length, plus the point of just didn't seem like anything really new.
If you kept the style and gave a more unique storyline, this would totally work.

RebellionFA responds:

This was just something random tho, The next stuffs I would do will have more story and everything.
Thanks tho.

Mysterious Bones Mysterious Bones

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Okay, so I didn't go into watching TatM with high expectations but WOW, just goes to show that the right dialogue and pics and anything can be funny!! ANYWAYS, this is really good, catchy, well-animated, and so-on and so-forth! I know that, since Ricesnot is making the series already, you might not go on to animate all of the series but it'd be AWESOME if you did! Or...would it? Because then it wouldn't be the same vibe...hmmmmm...if I had a suggestion, It would be to make "These Are The Mysteries: The Movie" or just your own series with this style! Keep it up! :)

-The Guardian- -The Guardian-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome!! Just revisited this after The Explorer? And I can totally see it coming together! So adding this to The Explorer, and then looking back at your other work, makes me VERY excited for the next addition. I love your handling of light, as well; the effects blend in with your style, and the kind of "translucent" effect of The Guardian really comes through. I mean, your style isn't overly intricate; it uses just enough, I don't know, stylistic twists to make things awesome? Yeah, that's it. *smiley*

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